John Wallace named new Wal-Mart Store Manager


Wal-Mart Store 0485 announced John Wallace as its new manager. Wallace, an Ellijay, Georgia native, has completed his first month at the Donaldsonville location and looks to serve many more.

Wallace is new to the manger’s position, but has climbed the ladder in various Wal-Mart locations in Georgia, Florida and most-recently in Baton Rouge.

Wallace worked as an assistant manager in Baton Rouge since December of 2013, but more than that, south Louisiana isn’t all foreign to him. His grandfather had a boat on live in Grand Isle for most of his childhood, and he remembers coming down south every summer.

But he said, Donaldsonville itself reminds him of home.

“It’s small, cozy and that’s what I grew up in,” Wallace said. “In North Georgia it just like this where you knew everybody, and the first week I got that feeling when I saw my first group of customers the first day at the store and the second day I saw the same faces so it gives me a good feeling.”

Wallace is married and has a six-year-old daughter and a 17-year-old stepson. However, since being in Louisiana Wallace has been away from his family who is still in Florida. In adjusting to the personal change, Wallace also made some changes on the job.

“In the first month, we’ve gone through a lot of changes at the store as far as a physical appearance,” Wallace said.

But, aside from in-store relations Wallace looks to get involved with the community and find out what the customers are looking for “that we are not providing.”

“Granted we are a smaller super center and we can’t have everything the large supercenters have, but getting in tune with the community and the customers if there are any further adjustments we need to make to suit there needs, talking to them is how I’m going to find out,” Wallace said.

Wallace added: “I’m glad to be here. This is a new role for me and I’m very fortunate to have support from the community, support from great associates here at store 0485 to help me get acclimated to that role and in return I can help push these guys to the next level.”