Bright Futures CLC gets wisdom from Attorney Southall

STAFF REPORT @dvillechief
Attorney Phyllis Southall speaks in the Lemann Center to the Bright Futures CLC students last week.

Attorney Phyllis Southall spoke to the Bright Futures CLC last week and simply reminded the students they are here because they want a bright future.

In her practice, Southall said she’s seen many kids get imprisoned and at ages as young as six-years-old.

Southall told the group it doesn’t matter how smart a person is, or where he or she comes from, having the “right attitude reflects your character.”

“You need to understand you will be judged by the things you do,” she said.

After speaking to the students, Southall visited in the classrooms and talked to the students about her life’s experiences and the things she did to accomplish what she has.