Sunshine Festival canceled for 2014


The Donaldsonville Chamber of Commerce announced last week the annual Donaldsonville Sunshine Festival is canceled for the fall 2014. The Chamber’s Board of Directors decided at the August 2014 meeting to move the festival to the spring. 

“We want to revamp the festival,” Becky Katz said, Executive Director. “One way is to get back to the festival atmosphere instead of the fair it has become.”

The Sunshine Festival is the Chamber of Commerce’s major fundraiser, and because of the festival and the cornerstone program the Chamber has not had an increase in its dues in years. But more importantly, Katz said it is an event that the citizens in Donaldsonville and the surrounding area look forward to every year.

“We will have a festival in the spring,” Katz said.

Katz and the Board of Directors wants the festival to return to its old atmosphere with a cook-off, crafts, bands, beauty pageant, the cheerleaders from the schools, and, of course, rides, rides and more rides.

Chamber Vice President, Allison B. Hudson said the Board has been weighing its options with other vendors to garner more rides and “more attractions for all citizens to enjoy.”

The Chamber believes it is important to keep the event in the community and a date would be announced for a spring festival.

As far as a fall event, the Chamber is a major sponsor in the Donaldsonville Downtown Development District’s Avenue Evening Stroll and it encourages all to attend and support that event.

Hudson said the Chamber plans on keeping events up in the meantime so be on the lookout for upcoming events.

“Also we encourage everyone to like us on Facebook and visit our website,” Hudson said.

“We would love volunteers and ideas for the 2015 Festival,” Katz said. “Just give us a call 473-4814 or stop by the Chamber office at 714 Railroad Ave.”

Katz added, “No matter when the festival is planned, we encourage everyone to come out and enjoy. It will bring out the kid in you.”