Defying the odds

Roy Latino grew a 34-pound watermelon this Fall, even after most said it couldn’t be done.

Donaldsonville’s Roy Latino and wife Jo Ann, like most, ate watermelon during the summer. Again like most, they washed the seeds from the watermelon off their back patio to the ground. Not long after, four plants grew from those seeds and unlike most, Roy decided he would dig them and go plant them in his garden. Now three months later, that plant turned into a 34-pound watermelon that picked and cut last week.

“They said it couldn’t be done,” Roy Latino said. “But look here, I got a 34-pound baby.”

Roy grows watermelon every summer in his garden, but most people never thought they could be grown in the Fall months.

Not only did Roy accomplish the feat, but the 34-pound watermelon tasted nice and sweet.