Donaldsonville pair arrested, charged with drugs and prostitution

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

Major Kevin Hanna with the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office reports the arrest of three Ascension Parish residents following drugs and prostitution charges.

Narcotics Detectives along with Gonzales Police arrested Harold Butler, 31, and Jessica Normand, 31, both of 1036 Nolan Ave. of Donaldsonville for soliciting and prostitution charges.

Detectives received information of Normand providing escort services on a social media site.

Following a background check it was revealed that Normand held active felony warrants for contempt of court charges.

Additionally, Normand was also known to be associated with Harold Butler, a convicted drug dealer who had previously served Federal time for drug violations.

Undercover Detectives made contact with Normand and arranged a meeting place where negotiations for sex were made last Thursday evening, according to Major Hanna.

Normand even requested that her boyfriend, Butler remain with them in the room next door as she provided sex.  As Butler and Normand arrived at a local hotel in Gonzales, the two were arrested.

Normand was charged with prostitution and felony contempt of court. Butler was charged with solicitation of prostitution as he knowingly provided transportation for the offense.

Both subjects were transported and incarcerated at the Ascension Parish Jail on last Friday, Nov. 21.

After Butler was incarcerated detectives obtained further information that Butler was attempting to have someone remove evidence from his home that he could be criminally charged with if found.

Detectives quickly were able to obtain a search warrant last Friday based on this information and also identified Marcus Wilson, 22, of 1032 Nolan St., Donaldsonville as the individual that Butler had solicited to remove the items from his home.

Detectives arrived at Butler’s home on Nolan Street and located Wilson as the search of the home was being conducted.

Wilson cooperated and confessed to removing a 38-caliber revolver and quantity of marijuana at Butler’s direction.

Both, the handgun and marijuana were recovered by detectives.

In the home detectives located a small quantity of marijuana, a handgun holster, Hydrocodone and what appeared to be a deceased neglected Dog.

Butler was additionally charged with illegal carrying of weapons, possession of marijuana, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and aggravated cruelty to animals.

Marcus Wilson was charged with obstruction of Justice on last Friday for the tampering of evidence and was released on a $10,000 bond.

Harold Butler’s bond was set at $165,000 by Judge Leblanc and he and Normand are still currently incarcerated and where her bond has not yet been set.