STAFF REPORT @dvillechief

The Donaldsonville Area Arc, Inc. has housed a newspaper bin for many years for the community to have a place to recycle used newspaper; however, the company that picks up the bin is going out of business.

There will no longer be a newspaper bin at 1030 Clay Street in Donaldsonville. The current bin is full and waiting for a final pick up. There are no other companies that have been found to take over the recycling of newspaper and the only option now is to throw the newspaper in the garbage.

“Thanks to everyone that has participated for so many years in the recycling of newspaper and the support to the Donaldsonville Area Arc which is committed enhancing choices for adults intellectual and developmental disabilities in terms of where they live, work and recreate in the community while providing support and services,” Sonia Falcon, of the D.A.A.R.C. said in an email.