DHS Air Force JROTC Sgt. Oates speaks at Rotary

STAFF REPORT @dvillechief
Rotarian Dave Dubreuil, DHS Air Force JROTC Sgt. Rob Oates, and Rotarian DeRon Talley stand after the luncheon at Café Lafourche last week.

Donaldsonville High School Air Force JROTC Sargent Rob Oates was the featured speaker at the Donaldsonville Rotary Club luncheon last week at Café Lafourche. Sgt. Oates informed the club the 65 members of the JROTC participate in over 2700 service hours a year through various community activities, projects and competitions. Last year the JROTC took a trip to San Antonio and Washington, D.C. This year, Sgt. Oates said they are looking to again go to San Antonio but also New York.