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Donaldsonville Chief

Lindsay M. Harris is the daughter of Councilman Mr. Reginald Francis, Sr. and Retired teacher Mrs. Linda Francis. She is a very proud #ProductofDonaldsonville. She is a 2001 graduate of Ascension Catholic High School and received a Civil Engineering degree from Southern University in 2005.  Presently, her husband, Juan, and she reside in Kansas City, Missouri with their three children: Jordin, Eljae and Jaeden.  Harris is currently the Traffic Operations Engineer for Kansas City Scout, one of the United States largest Traffic Management Systems, created in 2000 as part of a bi-state initiative between the Missouri and Kansas Departments of Transportation to provide traffic management for the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, which is in both Missouri and Kansas.  Although she hasn’t lived in Donaldsonville for nearly 10 years, her heart is never far from her hometown on the bayou, Donaldsonville.  She is looking forward to returning one day for good.