KKAY 1590 AM brings gospel celebration to another level

KKAY 1590 AM owner Freddie Allen stands with Canton Spirituals lead singer Harvey Watkins after the celebration at The Columns on the River Friday night.

When a radio station wants to have a party, no doubt it will be a banger. Friday night at the Columns on the River, KKAY 1590 AM celebrated its one year anniversary and you better believe the “Voice of the Parish” brought a gospel explosion that couldn’t be extinguished.

Pastor Freddie Allen, owner of KKAY 1590 AM, brought in some local gospel talent as well as national gospel talent to help turn the celebration up.

The keynote speaker of the evening was Dr. Ronald Harbin of Shekinah Glory Christian Fellowship. Dr. Harbin spoke to those in attendance about the subject, “I don’t look like what I’ve been through.”

The special guests for the evening were the Canton Spirituals, a national recording gospel group from Mississippi led by Harvey Watkins.