DHS announces winners of second annual Science Fair

DHS Science Fair winners stand with Science Department leader Antoine Foster and Assistant Principal Nicole Elmore.

The Donaldsonville High School science department hosted its second annual Science Fair last week where students demonstrated and explained projects that were done using the scientific method.

The students began working on the science fair projects in August and had the fall semester to complete them. After doing mock presentations in class, the students were officially judged on Jan. 22.

Winners were announced as the following:

Environmental Science – First place to Lawrence Brown for his “Recycled Paper” project.

Physics – First place to Jasmine Collins, Jasmine Worley, and Tyler Brown for their “Electric Fruits” project; second place to Tyriel Riley and Tyarise Stevenson for their “Can Potatoes produce electricity” project; third place to Raymond Collins, Carlo Harris, and Braxton Bernard for their “Can fruit charge a cell phone?” project.

Biological Science – First place to Jessica Breaux, Troynita Cole, and Ashante Jackson for the “Hair Strand” project; second place to Rwanda Breaux for her “Balloon Blower” project; and third place to Jermaine Collier and Presley Gomez for their “Energy Run” project.

Chemistry – First place to Allegra Asberry and Coreyone Howard for their “How chilly can you get?” project; second place to Amber McKinney and Christopher Smith for their “Cabbage Chemistry” project; and third place to Mya Chatman, Kayla Daigle, and Daja Green for their “Temperature effect on reaction” project.

The first place winners will be going to LSU to compete with them next month.

DHS Assistant Principal Nicole Elmore told the students they really had some “awesome projects.”

“I really appreciate the effort and time you all put into it,” Elmore said to the students. “You did a good job and you will do really good at Regionals.”

Antoine Foster, DHS science department leader, said as long as he is at the school the students will continue participating in the Science Fair.

“I’m really proud of the students. They definitely took the time to do it,” Foster said. “I think they are very proud of getting their trophies and ribbons as well.”