Capt. Bergeron says APSO to patrol more diligently

Ascension Parish Sheriff’s West Side Captain Rick Bergeron is a Donaldsonville native. Patrolling the community diligently has never shown to be a problem for the APSO and Bergeron as the Captain is pictured with two young boys during APSO’s Christmas Crusades in December.

Ascension Parish Sheriff’s West Side Captain Rick Bergeron told the Donaldsonville City Council at its Feb. 10 meeting that the west bank is going to be patrolled at a slower pace such as deputies walking through the communities.

Capt. Bergeron said there a few things the APSO will do when serving the west bank to make sure the shooting events that occurred in January don’t occur again. In January, there were three shootings in one week period that left two dead, one officer wounded and one teenager wounded.

Capt. Bergeron told the council and Mayor Leroy Sullivan he and his deputies will be getting out of their cars and talking to persons in the community and “fact-finding, listening to the problems.”

“We’re also use the motors division where traffic enforcement will be stepped up done during the week and proactive criminal policing done by the Go-Team,” Capt. Bergeron said.

Councilman Reginald Francis asked Capt. Bergeron to clarify if the deputies would actually be getting out of their vehicles and talking to people.

Bergeron replied, “Yes sir, we’ll be out walking in the communities.

“We’ve already experienced some of that this weekend and we’ve been getting some good feedback already,” Capt. Bergeron said.

The APSO is not knocking on doors, but if there are people out in the neighborhood “we’re going to stop them and them what’s going on.”

Francis said there is always a group of young males “here and there and I think this will help.”

Bergeron said the operation includes himself, and all four of his lieutenants.

“I’m not asking my guys to do anything I wouldn’t do, so I will be out walking and talking as well,” Capt. Bergeron said.

City Attorney Chuck Long asked if there is a possibility of the APSO putting a substation for West Ascension.

Bergeron replied yes the APSO is looking into it.