MYAC welcomes political leaders to talk government process

STAFF REPORT @dvillechief
The Donaldsonville Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council hosted a political forum at Donaldsonville City Hall on Feb. 4.

The Donaldsonville Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council continues its work in the community since its recent beginning. On Feb. 4, the youth council hosted a panel of political leaders from the state, parish and city level to teach how the governmental process works at each level.

Political leaders who attended the panel were Donaldsonville Mayor Leroy Sullivan, Sr., Donaldsonville councilman Raymond Aucoin, Donaldsonville councilman Lauthaught Delaney, Sr., Ascension Parish School Board member Robyn Penn Delaney, Ascension Parish Council Oliver Joseph, Ascension Parish Councilman Chris Loar, and Louisiana State Representative Ed Price.

Mayor Sullivan commended the youth council first for their work and involvement in the community.

“They hit the ground running and I salute and applaud each of them,” Mayor Sullivan said. “The group we have on the council are teens we all can be proud of.”

The mayor and councilman Aucoin, who is also the council chairman for Donaldsonville, informed those in attendance how the city government works and the strides it has made in recent years.

Parish councilman Loar followed in line with Mayor Sullivan in saluting and commending the youth council. He encouraged the teens “it's a responsibility and something you shouldn't take lightly in being a young leader.”

Loar spoke on how he found interest in politics and said simply it’s, “because you can really make a difference locally.”

State Representative Price, who also spent 27 years on the Ascension Parish School Board, explained the difference between the constitution and statutes. But most importantly he told the teens, “Government is about the people. I don't care about what level it is.”

To the youth council, Rep. Price said it means they are leaders and ready to step up and take charge.

“Everybody can't do it but when you do it means you want to help people. I encourage you to continue doing it,” Rep. Price said.