Donaldsonville senior awarded “Alwes-McGalliard-Scales” Scholarship

left to right: DHS’ Assistant Principal Nicole Elmore stands with Sharonda Joseph and scholarship recipient Taylor Richard.

Donaldsonville High School senior Taylor Richard was awarded the “Alwes-McGalliard-Scales” Scholarship last week for her academic integrity and excellence.

Richard, the daughter of Sharonda Joseph, will pursue Nursing and will graduate DHS with certificate in the Certified Nurses Assistance program.

Nursing already in CNA program

“Alwes-McGalliard-Scales” Scholarship is an annual award and goes to a DHS student because one of the family members was the principal at Donaldsonville High School for 32 year, Berthold C. Alwes.

The family’s attorney said the family wanted the scholarship to go to a student at DHS.

“They didn’t want a college student, but it did not have to be the best student but a pretty good student,” the family attorney said last week. “They wanted somebody who tried and needed it.”

Richard was chosen by a committee that consists of the DHS Principal, counselor, the math and science teacher. No coaches.

“Those people selected Joseph as a diligent student and works to get good grades, member of the honor society,” the family attorney said.

Some requirements for the scholarship are: the student must exhibit good behavior, not perfect behavior. One or two referrals shouldn’t disqualify a student. But also works part-time to provide supplemental income, good attendance and low tardiness.