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Donaldsonville Chief

Janell Bazile Nelson, the daughter of Mrs. Ora L Bazile and the late Mr. Junior Bazile is a 1992 alumnus and proud Product of Donaldsonville.  Two things you may not know about the always smiling Janell is that she’s a certified arborist and was a state certified arsonist.  Currently, she’s an arborist certified through the International Society of Arboriculture for the Parks and Recreation Commission of Baton Rouge.  Prior to this, she worked for the City of Atlanta where she conducted tree inspections for residents and enforced the city’s Tree Removal Ordinance.  The icing on the cake was her position as a Louisiana state forester where she was stationed in Olla, LA.   She managed over 2000 acres of timber land, which is the number one crop in Louisiana.  Her most exciting duties were conducting prescribed burns which prevented out of control wildfires and containment of wildfires due to arson, lightning, sparks from railroad tracks, etc.