Carroll Aucoin, People’s Water aim to maintain high level of trust


Carroll Aucoin has 35 years of experience in the water and wastewater business. With that he aims to lead a place that has been around since 1944 to the best performing level it can reach. People’s Water Company is no stranger to the community nor is Aucoin, and together they maintain the highest qualifications for water and wastewater there are to have in the state and is constantly looking to improve its services.

“We’ve improved on the water quality. We’ve increased our staff of certified operators. Everyone is certified,” Aucoin said, Manager at People’s Water.

Aucoin said they’ve stepped up the qualifications of the type of operators they’re looking for, and are taking a proactive approach.

“We’ve been trying to work diligently with the mayor, fire department to improve the reputation of the water company and regain the trust of the people that we may have lost in the past,” Aucoin said.

“We’ve been pretty successful and have made a large number of improvements on the facility,” he said.

They’ve improved valves and other equipment, added new up-to-date features and have made improvement to mainline infrastructures.

People’s Water can produce up to three million gallons per day if it needs to, but it doesn’t come close to that on a daily basis. It takes about 36 million gallons of water per month from Bayou Lafourche, treat it and allow 3,800 meters to service from it. People’s Water has waterlines in Abend, Lemannville, Smokebend, Highway 308 down to the Pal Alto Bridge and Highway 1 we go down to Clay Street.