Service pays off

Ascension Catholic senior Jordan Zeringue stands with family and LSU Army ROTC representatives at the ACHS Gym to accept his $50,000 scholarship.

Jordan Zeringue has been there, done it and on April 29 he finally got his T-shirt. The Ascension Catholic senior’s community service, volunteerism, athletic achievements and academic success awarded him an opportunity to Louisiana State University on a $50,000 Army ROTC scholarship. As the Army Officers often say, it’s not complete until you’ve got that T-shirt, and Jordan did.

LTC Lawrence P. House, Professor of Military Science at LSU, said because of Zeringue’s aforementioned achievements and participation, as well as having an “expressed desire to serve as an United States Army Officer,” he was impressed.

“I was impressed with what Jordan had accomplished at this point in his life,” LTC. House said. “However I was thrilled with his potential. I assess that on his character, demeanor and ability. These are traits I feel that an Army officer must have.”

Jordan Zeringue, the son of Danny and Launa Zeringue, said he thanks God for giving him this opportunity, “my family for supporting me, this is not an easy thing to support, LSU, the faculty and staff here I couldn’t do it without your help and mentoring and the student body thank you for being here.”

“You can’t really put it into words. I’m so honored to be recognized for this,” Zeringue said. “I’m not a patriot to be recognized and now that it is recognized it’s pretty nice. It isn’t just for myself.”

Zeringue will have an eight-year requirement to the United States Army and he plans to go longer and making a career out of it.

Zeringue, also the Donaldsonville Area Chamber of Commerce 2015 Teenager of the Year, said his parents have always taught him to thank a soldier.

“When I was with my dad in a convenient store and there would be a service member in front of us and he would pay for their meal or whatever they may have and I always remembered that,” Zeringue said. “And I said that’s what I want to do, I want to give back to the country which gave to me.”

For his parents, it’s a bittersweet moment for them, because of his commitment to the U.S. Army. But both parents are very proud of their son’s accomplishments.

“I can’t hold him back from that because it’s instilled in him and they need people like him,” Launa Zeringue said.

His dad, Danny Zeringue, said Jordan has talked about a military career for as long as he can remember and “he is probably the most patriotic teenager I know.”

“Every year he makes sure we have a fresh American Flag hanging on the house, has a copy of the Constitution and a copy of the Declaration of Independence hanging in his room,” Danny Zeringue said.

Jordan is the grandson of George Zeringue, Doris Zeringue, John Medine and Anna Lee Medine.

Zeringue added: “Senior year has been a great year. One of my best friends, Zach Capello, and I won our fourth state championship together and I’ve had a great senior year because of it all. All the work I put in earlier years came back and surprised me at how much it paid off.

“Look at what you want to do. Do what you want to do, and do it well. Devote all your effort to it and success will come, no doubt,” Zeringue said.