Officers report hundreds of service calls, City sewage project reaches resolve at council meeting

Brandie Richardson

Donaldsonville held its council meeting on Sept. 8. Present at the meeting was Mayor Leroy Sullivan, Lauthaught Delaney, Raymond Aucoin, Reginald Francis, Emile Spano, and City Attorney Charles Long. 

A proclamation from the Ascension Parish Counseling Center was passed, naming September as Suicide Prevention Month. 

The council also voted to pay a $5 a month service fee for emergency radios from Ascension Parish’s 911 Communication District. Donaldsonville Fire Chief Chuck Montero said his department uses 21 radios, which has an annual maintenance fee of $1,260 a year. 

Montero also gave his report for the month of Aug., stating that there was 123 calls, 93 ems calls, 1 trash grass fire, 2 hazardous conditions, 8 false alarms, 0 unusual calls, and 19 other calls. He added that there were a total of 556 man-hours of training during the month.  

Additionally, Capt. Rick Bergeron of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office gave his August report, stating that there were 55 vehicle accidents, 13 burglaries, 39 thefts, 0 armed and simple robberies, 48 alarms, 8 narcotics arrest by patrol, 0 loud music, 61 traffic citations, 116 adult arrests, and 17 juvenile arrests, with 525 total calls for service throughout the month. 

The River Road African American Museum report will be put on hold until the next meeting.

Robin Delaney presented a letter from Mayor Sullivan to District 1 councilman Oliver Joseph that requested the Ascension Parish Council add $25,000 to the Parish budget to finish trimming the trees in Louisiana Square. The trees had previously been trimmed, though only a small portion was completed due to budget issues. The city and LDRC split the cost of what is currently trimmed, which totaled to $14,000. 

Delaney additionally asked the council for use of the Lemann Center for the 2016 Westbank Back to School Jump Start Program. This program will offer students a refresher course on reading, math, and handwriting in July next year. The council said Attorney Long will draw an agreement between the city of Donaldsonville and the school board for an agreement. 

Additionally, the Councilmen approved a resolution to issue an extra $600,000 to the city’s sewage project. The extra money will be used to reroute the city’s sewage plan, which was supposed to go to a pump station along LA 3089. With the additional funds, the new sewer line will run through a pump station to under the South Louisiana State Fairgrounds and Union Pacific Railroad to the city’s treatment plant along the LA 70 spur. $2.5 million in bonds has already been approved for the project. 

Concluding the meeting was the approval of the council of the liquor license application from the Ascension Catholic School to allow liquor to be sold during its Sept. 27, school fair at 311 St. Vincent St.