Donaldsonville to see a one percent tax rate drop

Brandie Richardson

DONALDSONVILLE – The regularly held Donaldsonville Council meeting was held Sept. 22.

Mayor Sullivan announced during the meeting that the city of Donaldsonville can expect to see a lower sales tax rate for businesses in an annexed area in January. The decreased tax rate will drop by one percent, setting the new tax to 10 percent.

Council members voted to give the Families in Need of Services program $5,000. Judge Turner had originally requested funds amounting to $10,000 for the program.

Mayor Sullivan updated the council on the purchase of the side- arm tractor, stating that figures for the tractor have not yet been finalized.

A motion was approved to pay Carl Capone $1,220.56 for grant writing, as well as for the mayor to spend $180,000 from the Industrial Board on the River Front Development Project.

Additionally, the mayor noted that the 100 kw portable generator that was purchased has been delivered. They are still waiting on the other three stationary generators to arrive.

Thomas Keen presented before the council, wanting to reapply for the FY grant for the CDBG. He stated that he will hold two public hearings, one on Oct. 13 and the other on Nov. 10. to present more information to the council.

Dainae' Prejean presented before the council last year's audits for the sewer systems collection and treatment, which looked at monthly violations, employee training, system improvements, and age and upgrades of the sewer system, among other things. The audit received a grade point of 129.

There was no GSA monthly report, recreation update, or sewer revenue bonds report. 

Mayor Sullivan took time to recognize the passing of Margaret Bonadona, the first elected female City Council member of Donaldsonville. The flag was flown at half mast for Margaret, as well as a black wreath placed at City Hall.