LSMSA students learn about astronomy through hands-on activity

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Donaldsonville Chief
L TO R: Brooklyn Tournear, a senior from Donaldsonville; Tyler Cenac, a junior from Houma; Dante Samuel, a junior from Natchitoches; Marcos Cecchini, a junior from Denham Springs; Ally Nguyen, a senior from Broussard; Amanda Borel, a junior from Lafayette; and Charles Chapman, a junior from Haughton.

NATCHITOCHES – Humans have gazed into the sky for countless generations and have wondered how our lives are connected to the sun, moon, planets and stars that adorn the heavens. Today, through the science of astronomy, we know that these connections go far deeper than our ancestors ever imagined. Pictured are students participating in a hands-on activity in Dr. Ram Yadav’s astronomy class. To succeed in this course students are encouraged to perform a few observations of the solar system and other sky objects, assisted by the instructor, using telescopes available in the science department. Students are also required to do labs based on computer simulation and have to write a report on a recent news article pertaining to research in astronomy/astrophysics, related to this course.