Donaldsonville council announces Trick-or-Treat time

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

DONALDSONVILLE - Donaldsonville council held its regular meeting Oct. 13. Minutes from Aug. 25 and Sept. 8 meetings were approved.

Captain Rick Bergeron of the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office gave his monthly report; in the month of Sept. there were 50 vehicle accidents, nine burglaries, 36 thefts, 51 alarms, 20 narcotics arrests, 119 traffic citations, 100 adult arrests, and 13 juvenile arrests. There were no armed robberies or simple robberies.

Mayor Sullivan gave the road and culture report, which stated that sidewalks around some areas of town were repaired, abandoned properties were cleaned and the grass was cut, parks were cleaned and cut, and trucks and equipment were cleaned and serviced.

The waste water treatment report for the month of Sept. stated that they installed two new aerators in the pond, installed new grating, gathered materials and spare parts from department for city auction, removed motor parts to replace bearings at MPS, repaired sewer to main broken by parish grass cutting crew by DES, submitted PO for replacement of central computer at MPS, and they responded to 31 courtesy call outs.

Chief Chuck Montero presented the monthly report for the Fire Department; there was a total of 121 calls in Sept., two structure and grass fire calls, 82 medical calls, one hazardous condition, 11 false alarms, and 23 other calls.

This year Trick-or-treat will be from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 31. 

Ascension Parish Recreation Program Coordinator Aija Mitchell gave an update on the Spring Park. She noted that the last phase of completion on the park has started, which is the restroom portion. The splash park and playground is completely finished and the fence is almost completed. She noted that registration for basketball started Oct. 5.

Mitchell also mentioned that registration for the breast cancer walk on Oct. 24 will begin at 8 a.m., with the walk starting at 9 a.m. 

A resolution was approved amending a resolution adopted on Sept. 8, stating that the City of Donaldsonville will borrow from the State of Louisiana money not exceeding $600,056 of taxable sewer revenue bonds and other matters in connection therewith.  

Two ordinances were introduced during the meeting, a Cross Connection Control ordinance adding chapter 5, article V, Section 80-1 to 80-25 and and ordinance amending the fourth supplement bond ordinance adopted on Aug. 11, authorizing Donaldsonville to borrow money, not exceeding $2.5 million of taxable sewer revenue bonds.

The council found the property located at 102 Lafourche St. in violation of city codes. It was voted to give the property owners 60 days to either demolish or fix the house, or the city would tear it down themselves and bill them.

A discussion was held concerning the amount of trash and lack of grass cutting at the Dollar General. The council discussed options on how to get the business to keep up with their outside maintenance, as there have been dozens of complaints from residents. Attorney Charles Long suggested issuing a letter to the owner to come to the city council to show why their occupational license shouldn’t be revoked due to not following city ordinances and city laws.