Donaldsonville native wins big on ‘Wheel’

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. – On Oct. 19, Donaldsonville native, Isaac Chatman was not only a contestant on his favorite show, Wheel of Fortune, but he won the night. Taking home $22,200, along with a trip to Rome, Italy, Chatman’s only regret was not being able to solve to bonus round puzzle.

I had an amazing experience, one of the most memorable of my life,” Chatman said. “The puzzle that I didn't solve ended up being, ‘Keep Pushing Forward’ – I take it as a message from God, letting me know that I am indeed on the right track and to keep on pushing.

It was my first time flying, first time in California,, and first time representing my historic town on such a huge platform. So often, a negative light is shined on the city of Donaldsonville, but it was beautiful to feel the love through social media, even miles away that my community all pulled together and rooted for me. I may have had close to 1,000 notifications on Facebook yesterday from my community in full support/encouragement.”