Donaldsonville earns sponsorship check from Entergy for Avenue Evening Stroll

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

DONALDSONVILLE - The City of Donaldsonville held its regular council meeting Oct. 27. Absent from the meeting were Councilmen Raymond Aucoin and Rev. Charles Brown.

Deanna Lafont presented the council with a $1,000 sponsorship check from Entergy to go towards support for the Avenue Evening Stroll on Nov. 21.

The council approved to pay seven invoices to GSA, totaling $8,573.20. 

The adoption of the natural gas report from Sept. 5 to Oct. 5 was approved. The report stated that there were 74 pipeline locates, 84 disconnects due to non payment, 75 reconnects, 36 new connects, 9 new meters installed, totaling 42 new meters on hand and 8 used or rebuilt meters on hand.

Mayor Sullivan noted that the adoption of Intergovernmental Agreement with the Donaldsonville Housing Authority will be discussed at the Nov. 10 meeting. 

The council approved to allow the mayor to sign documents from SJB regarding the Riverfront Development at Crescent Park. 

Ordinance 2015-12 was approved, adding chapter 5, article V, Section 80-1 to 80-25 concerning the cross connection and back flow prevention program and providing for severability and providing for an effective date.

The demolition of the property located at 1801 America St. was discussed. Councilmen Francis voiced the concern of residents in the area, in which he stated the owners could not get an extension and that the property needs to be demolished. It was found that the owners have until Dec. 8 to have their affairs in order or the house will be demolished by the city, as they had 60 days from the day the owner was notified.