Ascension Parish Council approves purchase of Peoples Water Service

Brandie Richardson

     DONALDSONVILLE – The Ascension Parish council meeting was held Nov. 5 at the Donaldsonville Court House. Absent from the meeting was Councilman Kent Schexnaydre.

     Starting the meeting was a presentation from the St. Teresa Middle School Robotics Club. The students discussed the importance of recycling, which was learned from their Robotic competition.

     Parish President Tommy Martinez gave his report, reminding everyone of the Veterans Parade on Nov. 8, as well as the unveiling of a new monument at the park on Nov. 11 for Veterans Day.

     A motion was passed to approve the consent agendas for the intergovernmental agreement for the Village Road Bridge Replacement Project in the amount of $219,647 for road construction fund shares and a road recommendation for acceptance into the parish maintenance system for Taormina Drive.

     A resolution was passed to authorize the Parish President and administration to engage in special legal counsel and financial accounting regarding the upcoming sewer proposals.

     The council approved committee recommendations for Lauthaught Delaney Sr. as he reapplied for Library Board Appointment and Kathy Edmonston for reappointment on the Mental Health and Addictive Disorders Advisory Board. Three new applicants were also recommended, Kimberley Smith, Elsie Brown, and Lisa Anderson.

     The council approved a resolution approving the authorization of the adoption and execution of the purchase agreement for Peoples Water Service in Donaldsonville.

     A motion was passed to increase the Governmental Complex project by $18,474 after 29 days, as well the approval to spend $62,443 to fix damaged light fixtures, which will be reimbursed by the contractor.

     Another motion was passed approving the authorization to purchase 22.8 acres of bottom land hardwood for Wetland Mitigation Units for Edenborne Connection Road, totaling $262,200.

     A ordinance was introduced to revoke the existing 15 ft. servitude that runs on the south lines of Lots 2A and 2B-1-B of the Parent Partition for Rutco Agency.

     A motion was passed to differ the ordinance regarding the update to rental charges at Lamar Dixon Expo Center to the Nov. 19 meeting.