Rolling out red carpet culture

Leslie D. Rose @DvilleNewsie
he Mayor's Youth Advisory Council of the City of Donaldsonville (MYAC)

     DONALDSONVILLE – The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council of the City of Donaldsonville (MYAC) rolls out the red carpet on Dec. 5 for an Oscars-style affair at the Lemann Center. 

     The purpose of the event is to raise funds to send the advisory council to serve as Donaldsonville delegates at the National League of Cities (NLC) conference in Washington, D.C. in March. This is the first time MYAC will host such an event, but volunteer coordinator, Tamiko Francis Garrison said she hopes for the fundraiser to be held annually to allow the group to attend future NLC conferences.

     “It’s an opportunity to teach kids about etiquette and how to act in an environment where adults and children are interacting on a professional level,” Garrison said. “It’s a formal event, so it gives the kids in our area the opportunity to possibly wear their prom dress again or other formal attire – it’s all-around a teachable moment.”

     In addition to the glitz, MYAC will award six book scholarships to Donaldsonville and Ascension Catholic High school class of 2015 graduates who serve as a positive example to young people, demonstrate outstanding youth leadership,  promote responsible citizenship and achieved a significant civic accomplishment at school or in the community.

     This year the scholarship is being sponsored by Mayor Leroy Sullivan and his council, along with members of the Ascension Parish Council. Garrison said she anticipates that the red carpet fundraiser will be able to sustain the scholarship awards on its own in the coming years.    

     “We know books are expensive, so we’re just trying to provide some assistance during the spring,” Garrison said. 

     MYAC – founded in 2014 with seven students between Donaldsonville and Ascension Catholic High schools – consists of a group of diverse, young leaders committed to making a difference in Donaldsonville. The group’s goals include improving on issues important to youth by talking with their peers, families and neighbors about their concerns in efforts to take action to address them. MYAC Commissioners represent high school students in their schools and neighborhoods.

     All MYAC meetings are open and Donaldsonville students, grades 10 through 12 are encouraged to join. This year MYAC has 14 students, Garrison said she hopes that non-affiliated teens will attend the fundraiser so he or she will have the opportunity to see MYAC’s purpose.

     The Michael Foster Project, a Baton Rouge-based brass band will perform. Tickets are available by calling Garrison at (225) 803-4042, Stacy Giror at City Hall or by visiting