Foreign exchange students receive keys to the city

Brandie Richardson @B_Lifestyles
Mayor Leroy Sullivan presented honorary keys to the city to three foreign exchange students from Guatemala – Ana Gonzales, Natalia Posadas and Jose Fernandez.

     DONALDSONVILLE – The regular meeting of the mayor and the councilmen was held on Dec. 8. Minutes from the Oct. 27 and Nov. 10 meetings were approved.

     Mayor Leroy Sullivan recognized the Ascension Catholic High School's girls cross country team on their state championship win. He also presented honorary keys to the city to three foreign exchange students from Guatemala – Ana Gonzales, Natalia Posadas and Jose Fernandez.

     Director of Public Works Superintendent Spencer Harvey gave the monthly Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) report. During November the wiring on pumps one and two at the WWTP were changed due to shorting and the capacitors at the John Folse Lift Station were changed, as well as the check valve on pump one at the Smoke Bend Lift Station. The CPU on the control panel at the main pump stations were changed, a new rotating assembly was installed and the motor on pump one at the main station pump was rewired. The pump and motor on pump three at the main station pump was removed in order to be rebuilt.

     Harvey also gave the Natural Gas Division report for Nov. 5 to Dec. 5. There were 43 new connects, 20 reconnects and eight disconnects due to non-payment, as well as two repaired leaks. Additionally, there were 10 new meters, two rebuilt meter and eight used meter installations.

     Captain Rick Begeron of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office gave the report for October and November. During October there was a total of 550 calls, of which five were narcotics calls, 10 burglaries, 54 vehicle accidents, 20 thefts, 49 alarm calls, 188 traffic citations, 90 adult arrests and five juvenile arrests. During November there was 513 total service calls for the month, of which two were narcotics calls, 50 vehicle accidents, 18 burglaries, 34 thefts, 45 alarm calls, 81 traffic citations, 52 adult arrests and nine juvenile arrests. There were no loud music calls or armed and simple robbery arrests.

     The monthly fire report was given by Fire Department Chief Chuck Montero. For the month of November there was a total of 78 calls, of which two were structure and grass/ trash fires, 55 EMS calls, one hazard condition call, seven false alarms and 11 other calls. There was also 314 man hours of training.

     A resolution was passed requesting the industrial development board for the retention of administrative funds and the remittance of all funds needed for the 2015-16 fiscal year to the city of Donaldsonville.

     An additional resolution was passed regarding Donaldsonville's representation on the board of directors of the Louisiana Municipal Natural Gas Purchasing and Distribution Authority. Mayor Sullivan was appointed as director and Finance Director Sandra Williams was appointed as alternate director.

     A vote will be held for Ordinance 2015-14 regarding Halloween hours on Dec. 22.

     The council discussed properties found to be in violation of city codes. It was determined that the properties located at 1801 America St., 102 Lafourche St. and 714 Lessard St. will be sent letters of notification for demolition, as they are past the 60 day grace period given to the families by the council.

     The next city council meeting will be held on Dec. 22 at  6 p.m.