Council introduces ordinance for levee funds

Brandie Richardson @B_lifestyles

     In the first council meeting of the new year, council members held an election of officers, keeping Councilman Raymond Aucoin as Chairman and Councilman Lauthaught Delaney Sr. as Co-chairman.

     An ordinance was introduced allocating $109,000 from the Industrial Development Board Capital Fund to the Levee Top Project, a project extending the pavement along the Mississippi River levee. A public hearing will be held concerning the ordinance at the Jan. 26 meeting, followed by a formal voting on Feb. 23.

     A resolution was passed to approve liquor licenses for the following businesses: Tailgators, Pack-A-Pack, Bernardo’s Catering, Marchand Meat Market, Popingo’s located at 202 Marchand Drive, Three Sisters Bar & Lounge, L & H Grocery & Liquor, S & L Quick Stop, Cajun Daiquiris, Jeff’s Lounge located at 1379 St. Patrick St., Jeff’s Bar & Lounge located at 702 St. Patrick St., Grapevine Café and Gallery, Midway Grocery and Café Lafourche.

     Captain Rick Bergeron from the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office gave the monthly report for December. During the month there was a total of 569 service calls, of which 61 were vehicle accidents, 11 burglaries, 42 thefts, 41 alarm calls and four narcotic calls. There were also 98 traffic citations given, 117 adult arrests and 20 juvenile arrests.

     Fire Department Chief Chuck Montero gave the monthly fire report. For the month of December there was four structure fires, five false alarms and 50 EMS calls, along with 151 man-hours of training and 302 man-hours of drills.

     Montero also gave the fire department year-end report for 2015, in which there were a total of 18 structure fires, 11 vehicle fires, 13 grass/ trash fires, 883 EMS calls, 32 hazardous conditions, 87 false alarms and 124 other calls. There were also 5,551 man-hours of training for the year.

     The Waste Water Treatment Plant report for the month of December is as follows; two of the three generators were received and set at lift stations for backup power, a semi-annual testing of influent and effluent wastewater was completed, faulty motor overloads were found on the lift station at Smoke Bend, a faulty breaker was changed on pump two at the WWTP and the capacitors at John Folse lift station were changed as well.

     Council members canceled the Feb. 9 meeting due to Mardi Gras.