Ask the Chief: What signifies as a dilapidated house?

Chief Staff
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What is the process a resident must take if they believe a house is in a dilapidated condition?

     If a resident believes a house is in a dilapidated condition they must contact the Donaldsonville Council office. Once a complaint is filed, the Code Officer will inspect the house and notify the mayor and council of his findings or what modifications need to be made, said Councilman Emile Spano.

     Following the inspection, a letter will be sent to the homeowner.

     “We try to line it out and see if we can get them to do the rights to repair,” Spano said. “Then if not we have to go through legal part of notifying them by letter and giving them to the opportunity go before the council.”

     The council will decide what to do with the house during a council meeting. If the homeowner attends the meeting, he/she should be prepared to lay out plans to either tear down the house or renovate it to meet city codes.

     Council members will vote on how many days they will give the owner to fix the house before the city tears it down. Usually the homeowner is given either 30 or 60 days