Students test on Saturday

Leslie D. Rose @DvilleNewsie

     The Ascension Parish Library in Donaldsonville is offering an ACT practice test session on March 5.

     The test itself includes 215 multiple-choice questions and takes approximately three hours and 30 minutes to complete, including a short break (or just over four hours if you are taking the ACT with writing). Actual testing time is two hours and 55 minutes (plus 40 minutes if you are taking the ACT with writing).

    Good sleep? Check. Good breakfast? Check. It’s go time! To help you get prepared for the practice test, we have compiled some information with the help of and

What to leave at home

     Textbooks, foreign language or other dictionaries, scratch paper, notes, highlight pens, colored pens or pencils, correction fluid/tape, any electronic device, other than a permitted calculator (this includes your mobile phone, media player, iPad, headphones, and camera), reading material, tobacco in any form, food or beverages, including water (you will be offered a break outside of the test room).

Leaving the house

     Dress comfortably. Some test centers are warmer or cooler on weekends than during the week. Consider dressing in layers, so you'll be comfortable no matter what the room conditions are.Bring snacks or drinks to consume outside the test room only during the break.

Calculator rules

     A permitted calculator may be used on the ACT mathematics test only. The ACT calculator policy is designed to ensure fairness for all examinees, avoid disturbances in the testing room, and protect the security of the test materials. Any four-function, scientific or graphing calculator will be allowed as long as it is modified. provides a list of prohibited calculators.

     Note that, the use of the TI-89 is the most common reason students are dismissed from the ACT for prohibited calculator use. Sharing calculators during the test is not permitted, and the test proctor will not provide a calculator. Examinees are responsible for ensuring that their calculator works properly. If their calculator uses batteries, the batteries should be strong enough to last throughout the testing session. Examinees may bring a spare calculator and extra batteries.