Residents call for sewer issues to be fixed

Brandie Richardson @B_lifestyles

Residents from Savoia Subdivision on Gardenia Drive attended the March 1 meeting of the Donaldsonville City Council to discuss sewer issues in the neighborhood.

     One resident said there is an elevation problem going from Gardenia Drive to La. 1 where the back of the neighborhood fills up because it can’t drain properly to the front of the subdivision. He mentioned that it is starting to go into people’s houses and is affecting around 15 homes in the area.

     “It’s time to do something,” said the concerned resident. “I’m tired of running the Roto Rutter through my drain line. A couple of these women are having problems too. I’m here to ask for something to be done. It’s time.”

     The council said they would discuss the issue further at the next committee to hold meeting.

     An ordinance was passed appropriating the City of Donaldsonville $109,000 from the Industrial Development Board Capital Fund to the Levee Top Project.

     Resolutions were passed approving the liquor licenses for the following businesses: Marcello’s Shell Food Mart, Club MG, J’s Liquor Inc. and D’Avenue.

     Twelve pay requests invoices from GSA were approved totaling to $17,083.06.

     An application for payment from RSG Enterprises was approved in the amount of $16,357.50 for the Belle Alliance drainage improvements. GSA also received a certificate of substantial completion for the drainage improvement.

     Entergy representative Deanna Lafont was present at the meeting, asking residents to report light outages to the company, as there is no way for the company to know about outages unless the public informs them. Residents can report outages by calling (800) 968-8243 or by visiting

     Councilman Reginald Francis addressed the noise concerns along the Union Pacific Railroad, saying that he has again been receiving noise complaints from residents. Instead of another petition, the council voted to have the mayor send a noise complaint letter to the company’s headquarters in Nebraska hoping to resolve the issue.