YMOC visits Geismar plant

Brandie Richardson @B_Lifestyles
Lowery Elementary fifth grade boys with Methanex guest speakers

Lowery Elementary fifth grade boys visited the Methanex methanol plant in Geismar on April 18 through the Young Men of Character mentoring group. Fifty two students attended the field trip where they learned various job descriptions from Methanex engineers, welders, technicians, IT, accountants, mill right and warehouse workers.

The purpose of YMOC group is to provide students will life skills and teach them about the various job opportunities they could have. Students are required to accomplish the group's six characteristic pillars by the end of the year so that they can mentor younger students. The pillars are trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. Each field trip and guest speaker touches on some of the pillars of the group.