Dollar General to comply with city ordinance

Brandie Richardson @B_lifestyles

     Dollar General representatives attended the council meeting on April 26 to discuss why their business license should not be revoked for failure to follow city ordinances.

     In the past, the issue of unkempt lawn maintenance such as grass cutting and trash had been brought before the council numerous times.

     Regional Director Eric Young said he was not aware of the situation, but that it will be handled from here on out. He said that during the winter months the grass was cut only once a week, per company guidelines, adding that during the summer, it will be cut once a week and at least three times a month during the winter month.

     "We have not addressed it the way it should have been," Young said.  “The grass was unacceptable, and it has been addressed.”

     There will also be routine pickups for the roll containers that were overflowing with trash, he said.

     Mayor Sullivan proclaimed the second week of May as Women’s Lung Health Week, as it is the number one cancer killer for woman and men in the U.S.

     The council approved a cooperative endeavor agreement with the Louisiana Preservation Alliance concerning the old DMV building. Within the agreement, the building will receive a new roof, windows and doors, along with repairs and then be sold to a third party.

     A public hearing was held regarding a resolution of proposed issuance of money not exceeding $4,000,000 of Taxable Sewer Revenue Bonds for the City of Donaldsonville.

     A resolution was passed approving the liquor license application of Ascension Catholic Diocesan Regional School for a special event held on May 27 to May 29.

     Six GSA invoices were approved totaling to $11,291.50.

     Ascension Catholic's girls weightlifting team was recognized during the meeting for the teams Division V state title they received earlier this spring in Monroe.