City hires new auditing firm

Brandie Richardson @B_lifestyles

Mayor Leroy Sullivan announced during the June 28 council meeting that the city would be receiving a new accounting firm to perform their annual audits. Waguespack & Gallagher, the Napoleonville based firm, has been performing the audit for several years, but will no longer be able to provide services to the city, Sullivan said.

In light of the changes, the council voted to accept an engagement letter from local firm Postlethwaite & Netterville, who currently performs financial work for the city. The letter stated that services will not exceed $25,000.

A resolution was passed, increasing the Millage rates on all taxable property in the city limits. Under the adjusted rates for 2016, the General Fund is increased to 6.50 mills and the Donaldsonville Fire Department to 4.98 mills, with the levied rates of the General Fund to 6.53 and the Fire Department to 5.oo.

Two ordinances were passed, renaming Belle Terre Drive to Belle Alliance Drive and to allow salary and hourly employees the opportunity to buy back their unused vacation.

A motion was passed authorizing the mayor to pay Cycle Construction Co. $39,330 for their engineering project. The council also granted Cycle Construction an additional 53 days on the levee top project, as weather issues pushed the project back due to high water on the river. The project is expected to be finished Aug. 2.

An ordinance was introduced concerning speed limits throughout the City. If passed, roads throughout the city streets will be 25 mph and St Vincent St. will be lowered to 15 mph. State roads are not included in the proposed ordinance. A public hearing will be held on July 26.

Seven invoices from GSA were approved in the total amount of $7,957.68.