Letter to the Editor: Proud of Donaldsonville

Staff Writer
Donaldsonville Chief

Dear Editor

As I read thearticle on the Downtown Revitalization Plan, I could only respond “Wow!” and delight in the good news that revitalization plans are in the works for this historic city.

The city does indeed have a very rich history that revolves around its architectural prominence, varied and colorful history, cultural diversity, distinctive jazz figures, and its connection to Louisiana politics. This list could go on and on as one turns page after page of the city’s bygone days.

My best wishes to the team behind this forward-thinking plan including Lee Melancon, Executive Director of the Downtown Development District; Juanita Pearly, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Leroy Sullivan and the City Council.

As it takes a village to raise a child, it will also take the cooperation of the entire village, parish and state resources to bring this plan to fruition.  

Yvonne Bahry Caballero

Former Donaldsonville resident

Baton Rouge