City to begin sewer installation on Gardenia

Brandie Richardson @B_lifestyles

During the July 12 council meeting, an update was given regarding the upcoming Back-to-School Refresher program. Program Coordinator Robyn Penn Delaney said more than 200 students have already registered for the event, which includes 25 high school students. The program, taught by certified teachers and paraprofessionals, will assist students in the areas of math, reading and handwriting.

West bank students from grades pre-kindergarten through grade 12 will be available to attend the free program, which will be held at the Lemann Center from July 25 to July 29 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Students will be able to register the day of the event or even days after.

The council approved a motion to allow the mayor to set a settlement offer in the case of Milton Cayette versus the City of Donaldsonville.

Captain Rick Bergeron from the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office gave the monthly report for the month of June. Last month there was 114 traffic citations, 84 adult arrests, 60 alarm calls, 50 vehicle accidents, 33 thefts, 30 burglaries and five narcotic arrests, totaling to 507 calls of service.

Donaldsonville Fire Chief Chuck Montero updated the council on the fire department report for the month. During June there was a total of 116 calls, of which 82 were medical calls, nine false alarms, two vehicle fires, two hazardous condition calls and one grass fire.

The council approved a bid of $28,650 from Allen & LeBlanc for a sewer valve instillation on Gardenia St. Mayor Sullivan said the valve instillation will be a temporary fix, requiring an on-call employee to physically open the valve during a heavy rain.