Residents discuss barking dog complaint

Brandie Richardson @B_lifestyles

During the regular council meeting held Sept. 13, Donaldsonville residents Kendra Verner and her husband Sherman Verner of 313 Barcelona Drive brought before the council a noise ordinance issue.

According to Kendra, her neighbor’s dog continuously barks throughout the night, causing the household to not be able to sleep at night. She said she has talked with the owner several time and has filed numerous police reports, but nothing has been done yet.

I think there are better things for the policeman to do than come to my house once a month behind the barking dog,” Kendra said. “It has really gotten out of control.”

The barking disturbance falls under the city ordinance 8-5G, which discusses noise violations from animals. The first offense punishment is a $200 fine or 10 days in jail,followed by a second offense of $400 fine or 20 days in jail and $500 or 30 days in jail for third offense.

It shall be a violation of this chapter for any person to own, possess or harbor any animal or bird which frequently or for continued duration howls, barks, meows, squawks, or makes any other noise which shall disturb the comfort or repose of persons dwelling in the vicinity of where the animal or bird is kept,” states the ordinance.

The city council unanimously voted to have a city employee remove the dog from the neighbor’s property.

Fire Chief Chuck Montero gave the August fire report, in which there were a total of 88 calls consisting of 49 medicals calls, 27 other calls, eight hazardous condition calls and four false alarms.

For the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office August report, there was 524 service calls, 75 adult arrests, 70 vehicle accidents, 60 traffic citations, 34 thefts, 27 alarm calls, nine burglaries, four narcotic arrests and two juvenile arrests.

An invoice in the amount of $190 from the SJB Group was approved for the Riverfront Development phase II.