City to begin gas loss improvement plan

Brandie Richardson @B_lifestyles

During the Sept. 27 council meeting, a gas loss improvement plan was discussed. The city, along with Kel-Ar Consulting, will begin on two projects to regulate how much gas is being used and compare that to how much the city is being billed for, as there are several gas leaks. Meters will be installed at lift stations and at buildings where there are large meters, such as schools, to check the accuracy of monthly gas usage.

Mayor Leroy Sullivan noted that the city will be receiving major sewer improvements due to the approval of the $7.1 million Department of Environmental Quality loan. Some of the few improvements mentioned were to fix the sewer problems on Gardenia St., redo the pump station at 11th St. to increase its size and fix the discharge line at the Sonic pump station to handle sewer infrastructure improvements throughout the city.

A resolution was approved authorizing the mayor to apply for a grant with the Local Government Assistant Program to assist in city hall improvements. Improvements, which must be completed within 18 months, are being made in order for city hall to be in compliance with regulations with the American with Disabilities Act.

Several residents expressed concerns regarding an additional charge on their water bill. Sullivan said that he believes the one time increase was due to the People's Water not properly reading meters. City Attorney Chuck Long said that because the Parish acquired the water company, residents that have questions should contact their Parish representative.

An ordinance was introduced for the issuance of $800,000 of Sales Tax Bonds for road improvements. A public hearing and vote will be held during the Oct. 25 council meeting.

Four invoices were approved from GSA, totaling to $41,286.20 for various projects such as the Levee Top and Road improvement project, and an invoice from SJB Group in the amount of $2,123.38.

The council voted to accept the lowest quote from All Star Ford in Prairieville in the amount of $27,850 for the purchase of a new fire truck for the Donaldsonville Fire Department.

Sullivan announced that smoke testing will be conducted throughout the month of October and asked residents not to be alarmed if they notice smoke rising from the sewers. Specific dates of when the testings will be conducted will be announced at a later date.