LSU AgCenter Story Time

Contributed Report

Robin Landry, Area Nutrition Agent with the LSU AgCenter, recently participated in story time at the Assumption Parish Libraries. In line with the library’s theme, Healthy Living, Landry presented a lesson for the children that talked about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables.

During the presentation, the children learned about how fruits and vegetables contain necessary nutrients that the body needs to function and grow. Organ Andy also visited with the children to help them learn that we don’t all look alike on the outside, but we are the same on the inside.

Andy’s removable, plush body organs that the children were able to see and hold, helped the children learn what keeps the organs happy and healthy. The organs, Hearty Heart, Windy the Lungs, Sir Rebrum, Calci M. Bone, Madame Muscle, Peter Pancreas, Luigi Liver, Pepto the Stomach, Peri Stolic and the Kidney Brothers were also featured in the story that Landry read.

After the story, the children were provided with a taste of a fruit or vegetable that hopefully will encourage them to pick healthy snacks as well as try new fruits and vegetables when presented with the opportunity.

For more information on nutrition, Landry can be reached at the Assumption Parish LSU AgCenter Extension Office by calling (985) 369-6386 or by email at