Donaldsonville sales tax revenue shrinks

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief

The D'ville council met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, March 28 primarily to discuss the financial report for the city from 2016-2017. Findings seemed unsurprising. 

The report shows a 2.4 percent decrease in sales tax collections for December and a whopping 7.5 percent decrease in January. It was said by the council to be largely in part to the boon of the CF Industries expansion the previous year. 

The findings may suggest that when industry expands it can be beneficial to the community. But as in this case after such a timeframe expires, if the workers who were spending money during the building process leave the city so does the extra money.

Other business of the council included appointments. Liz Eure was appointed to the Historic District Commission. Vince Cataldo was re-appointed to the Civil Service Board.

Next, the tree behind City Hall has finally been removed, due to the appeal of the council and arborist's opinion. And the Louisiana Hoyas youth basketball team was granted access to play and practice the Lemann Center.

Other business included granting a liquor license to St. Francis of Assisi Food Fest, held on May 5, 6, and 7, 2017. The address is 818 West 10th Street. 

Last, the council finally passed the "Montero Ordinance" with plans to amend it in the very near future. The program, which has been discussed for the past few weeks is as stated: "Whereas full-time employees who have reached the age of 55-years-old and have 25 years of full-time service with the City of Donaldsonville may retire, and the City of Donaldsonville will pay 50 percent of the employee cost of health insurance for said employee."

While the council and City Attorney Long approved the bill, Mayor Sullivan stressed that amendments must be made promptly.