Committee of the Whole meeting gets council up to date

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief

Parish Councilman Bill Dawson was in attendance at the Donaldsonville Committee of the Whole meeting held on Monday May 15, 2017. The proposed budget was discussed.

The final vote of the budget will be voted on at the next regular city council meeting. NOTE: That meeting will have passed by publication of this article. One particular change includes A flat household fee dedicated to gas was proposed by Chairman Raymond Aucoin to make up for the tight budget in that department.

Other changes to the proposed budget include some changes to proposed repairs to city hall.

Next, Dawson discussed the city's sewerage treatment from St. James' Utilities Inc. The parish has been negotiating the cost to move sewerage to the city for treatment. He also mentioned money from CFIndustries going towards into a parish account, but being dedicated to West bank industrial projects. It's about $4.3 million dollars worth. 

Drainage was brought to the attention of Dawson. According to City Attorney Chuck Long, without rain water drains from Bayou Lafourche are back-draining into St. James. The drainage was traditionally meant to go down the bayou, but is not doing so these days.

It was said that maybe a representative from Donaldsonville should be added to the West bank drainage committee. This discussion will be ongoing for certain.

Dawson also mentioned a break in on his vehicle the previous Thursday in the Historic District. Admittedly, it was unlocked. Additionally, he said that he was concerned with the fact that people were racing four-wheelers over the weekend near Railroad Avenue.

Moving on, the committee discussed building a new fire station. The city has about a million dollars to put towards building a new fire station. More will be revealed soon.

Other agenda items included lights on Marchand Drive, Jimmy Thompson's car wash, one-way on Lafourche Street and the use of parks.

Additionally, payments were discussed for three GSA invoices and road projects. Old business included ordinances from January 30: Junk Cars, Barking Dogs, Portable Buildings and Grass Cutting.