Donaldsonville Council notices sales increase

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
Mayor Sullivan speaks to community members at Donaldsonville Downtown Live @ Crescent in April.

The council was just as surprised as everyone else on Tuesday, May 23 when the finance report was read to see increases in sales tax revenue.

The 2 1/2 percent sales tax is up near $17,000. It was a pleasant, unexpected surprise to everyone but perhaps Chairman Aucoin.

"People are spending more money," Aucoin said. "That's all."

Moreover, D'ville is set to receive a helpful Louisiana Community Development Block Grant (LCDBG) for sewer maintenance after a public hearing is held. That was scheduled for June 6 at 6 p.m.

Speaking of sewer, the council was brought up to speed about the ongoing $7.156 million dollar SRF project. This is for sewer rehabilitation. The actual work is set to begin on Monday. The project includes upwards of 100 point repairs and some manhole and pipe lining that is said to make the worn system's pipes like new.

The SRF project also deals with the problem of rainwater invading the sewer. It is kind of complex, but basically now all drainage is going to pump A. The work performed will make an update to pump G and C, so that the system will work as a whole more efficiently against flooding.

"It's going to drastically improve the situation," 'Little' Dave of GSA said.

Damage to West 7th Street will be repaired after the sewage problem gets fixed. Other specific roads mentioned in the project include Melrose and also the Pine and West 10th intersection. On June 12 a public hearing is scheduled in order to complete the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) information docket requirement.

Moving on, invoices were approved by the council for capital road improvements, the aforementioned sewer project, pay application #4 for Cycle Construction and pay application for SJB group.

A lights project on Marchand Drive is still working out the kinks after a couple weeks of discussion. Mayor Sullivan said that it may be that anything under $150,000 may only require three quotes rather than a bidding process for the council's approval.

A payment was also approved for $70,875 to Acadian Contractors LLC, that appeared to have been neglected or at least overlooked by the city for longer than was expected. That was resolved.

Next, June 13 was scheduled for the date of the public hearing for four new ordinances: the "Montero bill," which has been in discussion for months about health care for city retirees; a grass cutting price change, a new trash law and finally a vote to change the name of Louisiana State Highway 3089 in the limits of Donaldsonville to Marchand Drive.

Lastly, a vote passed that allows city employees three weeks vacation after 10 years of employment. A vote also passed to change the 600 block of Lafourche Street into a one-way coming from the river because of safety. The council remains in discussion about the new fire station and Jimmy Thompson's car wash, which is said to be modeled after Benny's car wash in Gonzales.