Donaldsonville City Council discusses middle school's championships, booster club events

Halen Doughty
The championship Lowery Middle School football team poses with the city council.

The Donaldsonville City Council recognized the Lowery Middle School football team for winning two Ascension Parish championships. Mayor Leroy Sullivan presented the team with a certificate of recognition for the team's accomplishment.

Head Coach Thomas Washington celebrated with the team, saying the boys perform well both on the field and in the classroom. He said he's worked to build relationships with every player on the team to teach them about the importance of hard work in all aspects of life.

Principal Daryl Comery noted Washington holds the boys accountable in the classroom and doesn't allow them to play if their grades start to slip.

Another big topic of discussion at the meeting was allowing local groups to use the Lemann Memorial Center for fundraising events. The Donaldsonville Athletic Booster Club requested the facility for several events to raise money for athletic supplies and scholarships. Booster club president Aaron Julien made the case, and the debate came down to safety and cost.

The club asked to hold a student dance after the Donaldsonville-St. James football game. Members raised concerns about security, as tensions soar between the two schools and their alumni. Another request was in regard to a "White Party," a formal event where alcohol would be sold. Councilman Rev. Charles Brown opposed the sale of alcohol at the event.

Questions arose as to how much the booster club should be charged for use of the facility. Brown argued that since the group is affiliated with the school and raising money for students, they should be allowed to use the center at no cost. Councilman Lauthaught Delaney pointed out the club, made up of mostly parents of the student athletes, doesn't have tremendous resources to cover such a fee. But City Attorney Chuck Long noted that it is against the law to allow private citizens to use public property for free.

The vote was 3-1 to allow the booster club to host an event at a $250 charge. Julien planned to take the proposal back to the club for a vote on the matter. Future discussions on the issue can be expected, as council members said official provisions and fees should be established for such instances.

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