DHS welcomes SU during city tour

Halen Doughty
Students completed applications and were accepted to SU on the spot

Donaldsonville High School students had the chance to meet with representatives from Southern University during the SU City Tour on Tuesday night. Students could ask questions about housing, financial aid, scholarships, and even be accepted to the university on the spot. District parent facilitator Wanda August said it was a great opportunity for students to find answers to all of their college-related questions. 

“That’s what I love about what’s going on, it’s a one stop shop,” said August.

August said kids who applied to Southern and have not received an acceptance letter could find out why. Just because a student doesn’t receive an admittance letter does not necessarily mean they have been rejected. It could be as simple as missing documents from the application. DHS faculty helped students by printing off their transcripts and ACT scores so they could complete their college applications right away. Six students were admitted to SU during the Tuesday night event. 

“We are grateful that we had this opportunity. I can recall when I went to college and basically I applied and I put it in the mail, and I had to anxiously wait for acceptance,” said August. “This is so different because all you have to do is just show up, and everything is made available.”

August said a new requirement for high school graduation is completion of the FAFSA form. Students must apply for financial aid or sign a waiver in order to receive their diplomas. August said career coaches helped students with that during the city tour.

“They put it all together to make sure we have what’s needed for our kids to be successful in the ever-changing world,” said August.

The BAYOU Program was on hand telling students about the chance to spend five weeks on campus at no cost learning all about the opportunities in agriculture. The Beginners Agriculture Youth Opportunities Unlimited program takes place during the summer, giving students hands on experience before classes begin in the fall.

“This would broaden their knowledge, and they could see all of the opportunities in the field of agriculture,” said August.

Students who came out to the city tour also received free passes to the movie theater. There was a huge turnout at the event, which lasted from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the high school.

For more information on SU and the programs available, visit subr.edu.

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