Peachjar Congratulates The 2018 Peachjar Playmakers

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Donaldsonville Chief
Shannon Comery, Product of Donaldsonville

Peachjar, the nation’s leading digital flyer system for more than 12,000 K-12 schools in the US and Canada combined, is excited to announce and congratulate the 2018 Peachjar Playmakers. Peachjar Playmakers are organizations of any size that have a big impact on the K-12 students in their community, and are nominated by the local school district for making a difference. This year’s Peachjar Playmakers include Camp Herrlich, Readiness to Learn Foundation, and Product of Donaldsonville.

“The value of afterschool and enrichment programs is absolutely undeniable in developing the whole child, as learning simply doesn’t stop in the classroom. Our team applauds these organizations for their ongoing efforts,” said Mike Durham, CEO of Peachjar. “Today's student has an average of 4000 hours in each year when they are not in school and have additional time to interact with others and learn. These important community programs help round out that time for students, encourage learning and development in many areas, while also helping students stay safe and productive when they are not in school.”

In no particular order, the three 2018 Peachjar Playmakers include:

Winner: Camp Herrlich

Nominated By: Susan Dieck of Carmel Central School District; New York

Camp Herrlich is a nonprofit organization that has kept the students of working families of Patterson, New York in mind since 2003. On any given day, the camp’s before and after school programs serve upward of 160 students, and among all of the Camp Herrlich programs, over 5,000 children and young adults are served each year. Camp Herrlich allows families to select and pay for the amount of care they need, whether it be five days per week before and after school, three days per week on a rotating basis, drop in care for half days and emergencies, or enrollment in enrichment clubs. This organization has demonstrated a tremendous commitment to the folks of their community. Visit the Camp Herrlich website to learn more about this remarkable program.

Winner: Readiness to Learn Foundation

Nominated By: Kristina Macarro of South Whidbey School District; Washington

Since 1998, Readiness to Learn Foundation has provided coordinated services for children and families in Island County, Washington. The organization’s programs reach hundreds of students and community members each week with services ranging from resource and referral, basic needs items, coordinated family support and school readiness. They believe that people succeed based on their strengths and that all people need help at some point in their lives. Some of their programs include Ready for Rain, providing rain coats and boots to children in need; Holiday House, which ensures every child has a chance to experience the joy of the season; and Back to School Project that prepares children for school with supplies and additional materials. Become a donor in the Readiness To Learn Foundation and you’ll be a part of increasing access to school supplies, parent enrichment opportunities, and many other essential services designed to help your community thrive.

Winner: Product of Donaldsonville

Nominated By: Shannon Comery of Ascension Public Schools; Louisiana

Product of Donaldsonville was established three years ago and has impacted nearly 100 kids. Every year, the organization highlights under-privileged students from the city of Donaldsonville and rewards them with scholarships. As an organization involved in a positive movement that recognizes a wide variety of student achievements, Product of Donaldsonville is an excellent resource for local children. The organization has also initiated Homecoming Roundup, a safe environment for alumni of Donaldsonville to come together and promote a sense of community and pride in their town. You can learn more about this brilliant outreach program on the organization’s Facebook page.

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