Donaldsonville Council discusses Charleville settlement

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief

Item 13 at the Donaldsonville City Council meeting called for an executive session on the settlement of a lawsuit entitled Scott Charleville. Charleville got into a heated dispute with the Historic District Commission last year over home renovations.

Unfortunately, an executive session means the issue is not discussed publicly. However, after nearly 20 minutes, the council decided to settle the dispute.

"I have recommended that y'all approve an offer as follows," City Attorney Chuck Long said. "The city would allow the plaintiff to install a 20s style all-wood door by authority of the commission, or in the alternative, a 20s style all [sic] door with lights. But any kind of lights would have to be approved by the Historic District Commission, if are architectural subtleties that we just don't have that kind of expertise."

Lights are another word for windows. The council discussed this as well.

"I learned that the hard way," Long said. "That would be for the entry door facing Chetimaches Street. The next term would be allow plaintiff to install wood screens on all windows facing Chetimaches and Claiborne Streets upon settlement of this matter required that the plaintiff make the application if he hadn't already made, to the Historic District Commission for a certificate of appropriateness with the exception of any consideration concerning the windows and the front door unless he's going to ask them whether or not he can have lights and what type of lights.

"That he also would have to comply with all other rules and regulations concerning permits of the city or the Historic District Commission for continuing the remodeling of his structure or the release of the cease and desist order of the city. The last term is that this agreement is for this house only, and any future remodeling must comply with all city rules and regulations."

This proposal was presented to Charleville, basically an exception to the wooden door and windows rule was made.

But in the beginning of the meeting, a raucous ensued. Not over the settlement of course, but rather in honor of the Ascension Catholic baseball champs.

"Bring em up front, let's recognize these guys," City Council Chairman Raymond Aucoin said at the beginning of this week's city council meeting. At that, the Ascension Catholic State Champion Baseball Team filed into City Hall for a picture and recognition with the Mayor and Council.

More on the baseball team, who won the championship for the first time in more than a decade may be found in the article written by Kyle Riviere in the Sports section.

Next, the council set a public hearing for July 10 providing for the amending of the Operating Budget for the City of Donaldsonville.

A public hearing and vote was held on Ordinance 2018-02, for the new fire station. This ordinance was to authorize the incurring of debt and issuance of $1 million dollars of Limited Tax Revenue Bonds. The vote was unanimous in support of the ordinance. A groundbreaking ceremony for the new fire station will likely be held in the coming month or two.

Next, a discussion and vote was held for Resolution 2018-33, for approving the application of grant funds in the amount of $60,000 from the Federal Highway Administration Recreational Trails Program for Louisiana (FRTPL).

The council discussed using the funds for the boat launch repair and bike trail project along Bayou Lafourche that has been rumored up until now. The vote was also unanimously approved.

Next, Ordinance 2018-04 was introduced, which would increase the monthly garbage expense by $3 dollars. A public hearing will be held on July 10. The next regular council meeting will be held June 26. Also introduced was Ordinance 2018-05, which would increase the gas rates of the city.

Lastly, a public hearing will be held Tuesday June 26 to adopt the Tax Millage Rate of 2018.