City Council hires Assistant City Attorney

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief

The Donaldsonville City Council, during the regular meeting on June 26 approved the appointment of C. Spencer Long as assistant city attorney. He joins City Attorney Charles Long and Assistant City Attorney Ben Johnson.

Long read the charter about the appointment for the council.

"Any assistant city attorney authorized by the council shall be appointed by the city attorney subject to confirmation by the council and shall serve at the pleasure of the city attorney," Long said. "I discussed this with y'all at the last meeting. What I'm requesting is that you authorize an additional city attorney."

Before the appointment of C. Spencer Long was approved by the council, however the latest Ascension Parish Police Report revealed that there were no armed robberies or simple robberies for the month.

City Attorney Chuck Long commented that APSO is doing a great job in Donaldsonville.

"Somebody is doing a good job keeping it down," Long said.

Mayor Sullivan called the hour long meeting "short and sweet," after the meeting. He said other than appointing Chuck Long's son as an assistant city attorney, the council is focused on road improvements.

The proposed road improvements for 2018, according to a GSA Consulting Engineers list from May 22 total $506,075 dollars. The highest amount of repairs are coming from Districts 1 and 2.