Survey asks residents to reimagine Ascension recreation

Staff Report

Ascension Parish Government is reimagining its recreation program, and is asking the public for input.

The Ascension Parish Mind and Body Initiative seeks to shape the future of recreation.

Ricky Compton, the Parish’s Director of Infrastructure and Facilities Management, has put together a “Mind and Body Initiative” to try to learn what the people want from Parish recreation.

“Ascension has a pretty good recreation program,” said Compton. “But it should be more encompassing to meet the needs of a growing and more diverse population.”

As part of the Mind and Body Initiative, the Parish has set up an online survey. Everyone is encouraged to take the survey and make their voices heard.

“We'd love to hear from you!” said Parish President Clint Cointment, who is wholeheartedly endorsing the program. “Please take a few minutes to complete our survey for our Mind & Body Initiative!”

The survey can be accessed here.