Donaldsonville Council seeks new clerk to replace Sandra Capone

Michael Tortorich

Longtime Donaldsonville City Council Clerk Sandra Capone is set to retire at the end of the year.

Donaldsonville Finance Director Sandra Cost Williams hands reports to City Attorney Spencer Long and council members during the Nov. 24 meeting.

By the end of December, the council plans to transition into the new year with a new clerk.

Council members discussed the process for advertising and interviewing potential candidates for the job during the Nov. 24 meeting.

The council will advertise the opening in the official journal, and through the city’s website and social media accounts.

Capone has assisted council members by compiling a short list of the clerk’s responsibilities. 

City Council Clerk Sandra Capone plans to retire at the end of the year. The city will be advertising for the open position.

In general, the clerk handles the creation and distribution of agendas for regular meetings, Committee of the Whole meetings, and special meetings. The position is responsible for handling a variety of duties related to minutes, ordinances, and resolutions.

To apply for the job, candidates can submit a résumé at Donaldsonville City Hall, 609 Railroad Ave., Donaldsonville, LA 70346.

Council members plan to seek résumés over a two-week period, prior to beginning interviews.

The council plans to move fast through the process, in order to train the new clerk in time for the new year.

“The quicker we move, the better it will be,” council member Reginald Francis said.

In other matters during the meeting:

-- Finance Director Sandra Cost Williams reported the sales tax collections for the most-recent month of figures, which was August.

She said the 2.5 percent, 2 percent, half-cent, and motor-vehicle tax collections all had increases.

“So that’s some good news for us,” Williams said.

Over recent months, she has pointed out sales tax collections have been better than expected, considering the challenges of the pandemic.

-- The council approved payments for several invoices related to road improvements, natural gas infrastructure, and sewer services.