Graves issues statement on $6.7 million federal grant for Marvin Braud Pump Station

Staff Report

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Garret Graves released the following statement after the Federal Emergency Management Agency announced a $6,723,259 federal grant to provide flood protection in Ascension Parish to the watershed serviced by the Marvin Braud Pump Station. 

U.S. Congressman Garret Graves

“In light of the regional cooperation among Ascension, Livingston and East Baton Rouge parishes on the ‘LA 22’ project, Amite River Weir, Laurel Ridge Levee Extension, and dredging the mouths of the Lower Amite and Blind Rivers, there is promising progress in the Lower Amite River Basin - and we’re eager to turn dirt faster than the flood waters churn,” Graves said.

The proposed project will upgrade the pump station, upgrade existing drainage structures and ancillary equipment – all measures to help prevent flooding. This grant will fund the engineering, study, design and environmental permitting for data gathering and technical analysis for the pump station project. 

The total project cost is $8,964,345.