Donaldsonville Council passes ordinances on drug policy, public comment

Michael Tortorich

The Donaldsonville City Council approved two ordinances during the May 11 meeting.

Donaldsonville City Council members Reginald Francis and Raymond Aucoin discuss an ordinance during the May 11 meeting.

One implemented a uniform substance abuse policy, while the other amended the guidelines for the public comment section of meetings. 

Both ordinances were approved by 4-0 votes. Chair Charles Brown was absent.

Ordinance 2021-03, the workplace substance abuse policy, meets the standards of the National Pipeline Safety Administration, and provides for a uniform drug policy for all employees of the city.

Mayor Leroy Sullivan explained that employees working around natural gas pipelines undergo a more detailed process for drug testing. Instead of just applying the policy to some employees, the uniform approach placed everyone on “the same playing field,” he added.

The mayor said the new drug policy is more comprehensive, and costs more to conduct.

Ordinance 2021-04, which pertains to the public comment section, amends the manner of addressing the council and time limits.

Every council meeting includes a designated section for the public to comment on items included on the agenda for up to three minutes.

Raymond Aucoin, who served as chair for the meeting in Brown’s absence, said residents can speak to the council member in their district and request for an item to be placed on the agenda.