Sorrento Fire hails man’s rescue efforts in canal crash

Staff Report

Seth McCauley, 18, received praise for his efforts in a vehicle crash in the canal off of Hwy. 941.

Sorrento first-responders expressed their appreciation to 18-year-old Seth McCauley, who helped three people and two dogs to safety after a crash into a canal.

When Sorrento Volunteer Fire Department first-responders arrived at the scene early June 13, three occupants and two dogs were being escorted to safety.

McCauley helped one of the occupants, an elderly woman, out of the canal and over to emergency medical personnel. 

Sorrento firefighters, in a widely-shared Facebook post, said no injuries resulted from the incident.

“Seth, Sorrento Fire is so appreciative of you and we’re sure the community is too. Great work!” a department spokesperson stated.

McCauley’s heroic actions garnered the attention of local television as well. WBRZ-TV aired a report on the good Samaritan.